Hey there! My name is Inga, I'm an LA-based food-blogger and photographer.

Let me just tell you, I loooove food. That's what this blog is all about! I like to experiment with all kinds of food: pastry and appetizers, main dishes and desserts, wether healthy or not. Not that long ago I was devastated by the fact that I still haven't found my vocation and had no idea what I want to be in life, when I finally realized that I already knew the answer for all this time. I can see beauty everywhere and I love to capture it the way I see it. So, if you're ever in doubt, look around, things you're passionate about might be closer than you think, and don't forget to bake a cake, of course, cause everything's better with a slice of cake, isn't it? c:

Thanks for visiting "If in Doubt, Bake a Cake"!

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  1. Инга, Доброго дня! Можно с вами познакомиться поближе?) Я из Москвы, в скором времени хотим перебираться в США, скорее всего в Калифорнию. Хочу узнать мнение уже переехавших туда. И уже иметь знакомых)

  2. Привет! Потрясающий у тебя блоги фото! Давай дружить блогами!